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Kevlar Like always, nothing better than a fresh iPhone.
Most Retweeted Tech This story by @verge got 18 retweets in 74 minutes. https://www.theverge.com/circuitbreaker/2018/11/16...
Trump Tweet Track Trump Score: 47 Staff likely wrote it Probabilities (Trump/Staff): Words: 49/50, Time: 20/79 Tweet source: Twitter for iPhone
Ariane E Who has an Android box in anu? I want to give you free access to 5000 channels with ppv also to test how it works there.
Juice Answering my work phone while jonesin on my cellphone ain’t easy😩
Trump Tweet Track Trump Score: 1 Staff likely wrote it Probabilities (Trump/Staff): Words: 51/48, Time: 20/79 Tweet source: Twitter for iPhone Score override for thread
gameinsight iphonegames iphone Diana Olofsson I have reached 15 level. I got $25000 and €2! http://www.game-insight.com/games/paradise-island
𝓹d 🎪 My boy @81wrId finally got enough money from harvesting rice to get his first iPhone. Congrats bro!
Lashae’✨💋 This IPhone XS max camera is soo lit.
Izon9 Motorola One Power starts receiving the Android Pie update in India https://izon9.com/motorola-one-power-starts-receiv...
CMSnice Google Assistant picks up a few new tricks - https://techcrunch.com/2018/11/14/google-assistant...
TIMES NOW Motorola One Power is now receiving the Android 9.0 Pie software update READ: https://www.timesnownews.com/technology-science/ar...
Brittany When your dad gets a new phone
GregG Having my battery replaced for my iPhone is the best thing I could’ve done 😁
Logan La Flare So I’m thinking about buying an iPhone 7 next week. Any reviews by anybody?
Kathrisha ♡ Okay, iPhone on December ♡📱
wearables tech Wearable TechNews The next generation Apple Watch might break free from your iPhone and connect directly to cellular n https://mashable.com/2017/08/04/apple-watch-wirele...
G3 NUU GemstoneSeries NUU Mobile Introducing the bolder Sapphire Blue G3 smartphone now powered with Android Oreo! Make your holidays brighter with the NUU G3.🎁 GemstoneSeries Available now: https://us.nuumobile.com/g3-android-smartphone/#/
Malcolm Taylor #15🏈 When that iphone was falling i got so scared 😹😹😩 https://twitter.com/c__diccc/status/1061879813659537409
Online Games Action iPhone DutyFreeMall.net 💯 Online Games ▶ e-OnlineGames .com ◀ Play Number of Free Online Games - Action - Sports - Puzzle - iPhone
Bappah Mahmood IPhone users let's confuse them Hold 0(zero) till it turns to ∅ⁿ
Gameinsight Android Androidgames annamour I finished the "Parade of Plenty" task in Big Business Deluxe for Android! <HTML></HTML> Gameinsight Android Androidgames
Desirae Guys..... I have a new phone it's not silver I also have a phone case!!!!! WHO AM I!?
IBzStrategies Police hunt man who crept up behind woman and SLASHED her bottom https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6397059/P... via https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com....
Briana Frapart When “no problem” autocorrects to “Boo Go”...why iPhone? Why?
keneti james. Not a cellphone in sight, just people living in the moment
Brallam.🥶 Android 17 really carries weight bro
TECHNO DUNIA I added a video to a @YouTube playlist https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AJ5SSlfqDc8&featur... Mi A1 Android Pie Update Release Date ? | Mi A2 Android Pie Update | mi
Ikki I got a new phone and it feels great
siri apple iphone Ustody Apple researching offline Siri mode https://www.techarea.net/apple-researching-offline...
Kotlin Use the @Parcelize annotation to automatically generate the Parcelable implementation for your Android classes. (Requires the kotlin-android-extensions plugin.) http://kotlinlang.org/docs/tutorials/android-plugi...
Phonecurrent Guide to Update Nokia 6.1 Plus to Android 9.0 Pie Manually https://www.phonecurrent.com/guide-to-update-nokia...
✨💜vaI💜✨ Not a cellphone in sight. just people living in the moment
Outreach It seems that Mark Zuckerberg has a strong preference to Android. https://www.theverge.com/2018/11/14/18095729/mark-...
app-marsh Android Games • Zombie Castaways v3.3 (Mod Money) https://www.appmarsh.com/android-games-%e2%80%a2-z...
eyestrain DiamondVision Diamond Vision There’s a pretty easy way to avoid eyestrain: the 20-20-20 rule. Take a break from your computer, laptop, and even mobile phone every 20 minutes. Rest your eyes by looking at something 20 feet away for 20 seconds. DiamondVision
Orchestrated Political Hit Twitter is better on my outdated android. All the fancy emoji handles have been replaced with black and white clip art
joie 🍂 For those who have the newest iPhone, how do you like it?
自動放送BOT Please switch off your mobile phone when you are near the priority seats. In other areas, please set it to silent mode and refrain from talking on the phone.
chach Happy 21st @Doollyyyy 🤩 FINALLY!!! I cannot wait to celebrate and giggle with you tonight, thank you for being such a ray of pure sunshine! 💖 (ps you’re lucky I got a new phone and lost all my screenshots 😉)
Arturas Kerelis Not a cellphone in sight. Just people living in the moment. Wish we could go back.
StandardYouth Android text messages are not encrypted. This means you can’t text an android or have one and expect privacy when and if anyone wanted to get it.
Paul D @CasuaIInvestor your first mistake is assuming that $TSLA is akin to $AAPL... iPad ecosystem was built prior to the iPhone...
Little King Trashmouth Not a cellphone in sight. Just people living in the moment
Wolfnips Wewt. Finally part of the android 9.0 beta for the S9+. So far pretty nice.
Miami Deal Finder Nifty little gadget right here. Get yours TODAY! https://classystoresonline.com/products/washable-s...
sadie Bob iger pretending he doesn’t hear the backlash over the photopass boxes that produce iphone 3G looking pictures https://twitter.com/sparks_smxth/status/103702607959...
Mid-Major Madness Good news! The Mid-Major Stock Exchange is now iPhone compatible! https://midmajorexchange.com/login?next=%2F
Queen Of Geeks I liked a @YouTube video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TRWswwX4UC0&featur... 2019 iPhone Leaks Have Begun!
Kayla Choules Feels so nice to be back where I belong ; on team iPhone 😍
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